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In today's world, security is an increasing priority for schools and one of the most concerning areas.

There are real and potential threats for the students, teachers and also to the material assets. CCTV has become increasingly very popular for schools and education facilities recently and today it has become an important technological tool to handle several issues which may take place inside the campus.

Our school campus is under complete surveillance 24X7 with 40 CCTV cameras installed at various strategic locations. These cameras are fully equipped to provide high definition live video streaming which is monitored centrally by a team of staff members. Installation of these cameras has helped us on several fronts like - monitoring and curbing of unauthorised intruders on to site (day or night), monitoring and curbing of bullying, promoting a safe and caring environment which is a positive and pleasant place to study, to instil a sense of safe and sound learning ambience in the minds of the students.


Our school campus spread across several acres of land is completely secured with concrete wall structure on all the sides coupled with barbed wire fencing. There is only one main gate to enter the school and this gate is manned by professional security personnel round the clock.

None is allowed to enter the school premises without proper identity check. As per the rules laid out by the school management, once the student has entered the school he or she is not allowed to leave the school until and unless accompanied by their parents or by the school transport.

The school has also laid out strict regulations for the visitors and parents and their own staff members. No teacher or staff member is allowed to enter or walk around in the school without their ID card. The school also issues photo ID card to all the parents which authorises them to enter the school premises upon showing the same at the entrance gate but this card only allows them to access the main reception area and not the entire campus. However, in case of new visitors, they have to first get their gate pass issued from the security office and then they are allowed to enter in the school campus.

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