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MISSION: Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School will aim to develop 'Creative Minds' which in turn will address student's 'Unique Learning Styles' and will strive to guide its students towards building a courageous and compassionate character that will contribute to communities in positive ways.

VISION: To become a comprehensive education centre with a reputation for excellence in academics ,career development and co-curricular programmes which will act as a model of creative and innovation solutions that meets the changing emotional, physical and educational needs of the students.The community will be enhanced through a variety of social ,recreational and cultural activities to ensure the overall growth of the young minds.

Going beyond learning to awakening:
At Viraj Shri Ram Centennial School is to make learning inspiring for children, inculcating the desire to enquire, explore and experience. Which is why the pedagogy, the day-to-day curriculum and the facilities are all planned and formulated to nurture the drive to question and share with both their classmates and teachers.

Experiential, Progressive Child Centered & Explorative Pedagogy

Enriched curriculum for intellectual, social, physical and ethical development.

Careful nurturing with individual attention.

Fosters learners for life.

Encourages critical thinking.

Striving for excellence through diverse and extensive curriculum.

Integrated thematic and experimental approach./p>

Early language skills, pre-math & math skills and environmental studies.

Exposed to whole group work, small groups and individual instructions.

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